Power in the pause.

Never before in my life has every spare moment mattered so much.

As parents and care-givers of small children we can’t really dictate the majority of how the day unfolds. We start with intention. Second, we let go of expectation.

What is the point of that? it is tempting to ask. Without intention, we are left adrift, at the mercy of what winds may blow us one way and the other. Without releasing expectation, we are rigid and inflexible, every breeze ruffles our feathers. There is a place in the middle. Sometimes I get to feel it. Its the space that allows all to be just as it is but empowers us to see the openings for our ultimate intentions to come through.

Whatever the mandates of your daily life. We always have pauses. They are little gifts. Sometimes they are 10 seconds, sometimes 3 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. Do what you can with what you have some great minds have spoken. You can’t do with what you don’t have, obviously. But you always have the choice to take the pause.

There is power in the pauses.

If I have 5 minutes, it can be my chance to check in, to reset, and to ask myself what I want to create. Those are the power moments. There will always be something to fill that time, another “should do”.

If what I want to create is a spotless house, I can clean the bathroom and mop the floors and I can do it mindfully. If my goal is to catch up on a work project that has been nagging me, I can do is with full awareness of how it serves me and my goals for my life and family. Maybe I need to sit in awareness. Maybe I need to go dig in the garden with my toddler, throw out the “to do” list and go for a walk. It could be what I really need most is to zone out and get lost down a YouTube wormhole for awhile. Maybe it is to tackle the unanswered emails in my inbox I have been avoiding or perhaps I will benefit most from moving through some vinyasa and making myself a hearty healthy salad. It could be that the next right action is simply to take savasana for 20 minutes. Whatever it is,  I can pause enough to make a deliberate choice.

I can not get caught up in the anxiety of not being able to do everything at once or discouragement and overwhelm that lead to noncommittal flitting about from one mindless activity to another. The activity itself need not be remarkable but my intention is potent.

Whatever our choices, don’t squander the power moments. In the pauses is the potential to shift, to transform and propels the message of our life.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 7.48.35 PM


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