Abandoning our post.

What if I allowed myself to feel worthy of feeling all of the love, all of the joy I can possibly contain right now. It is available. It doesn’t come and go with the good days or the bad days, the relationships in my life, my mistakes or victories. It is always there.

Maybe I just try it our for three slow, deep breaths, close my eyes, let your barriers fall. (I can always pick them back up in a moment if I want to.)

What would it feel like if you were loved fully and completely right now, where you are? What if there was much more abundance and provision for your needs and my needs than we could even imagine?

If we glimpse a world where that was true, even just for a second, are we afraid to linger? Are we tempted to look over our shoulder for the inevitable censure the moment we abandoned our post as our own personal warden?

Do you dare?

How do we learn to live more peacefully? We practice peace.

How do we learn to live more joyfully? We practice joy.

How do we learn to feel loved fully and completely? We practice love.

We practice abandoning our post.



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