The Myth of Enough

I’ve had enough

Of this made up concept, this ever-changing barometer

Of what it takes –

what you are, what I am and what we are each not quite,

not at all, just below or too much.

Isn’t it time we called an armistice?

How much, will it do, is it best and –

My best or yours? Hers? Yesterday’s? what used to be or what will be next week?

We don’t work hard enough. We work too much, we aren’t spending enough time with our kids. We don’t play with our kids enough but we also never get enough done around the house. But really, we should let our kids be more independent.

We don’t set strong enough boundaries. We’re not patient enough, we are too strict. We don’t read to our kids enough. Our kid isn’t eating enough vegetables because we’re not trying hard enough. We are not giving them enough freedom to make their own choices!

We’re not getting enough sleep, enough exercise, enough leafy greens, enough magnesium, enough hours on our paychecks. There isn’t enough time to have to ourselves, to pursue our creative dreams. But really, we shouldn’t be so selfish because our families really need our utmost attention.

There is not enough daylight! But never enough nighttime hours, either…

We are not smart enough, fit enough, enlightened enough, witty enough, professional enough, talented enough to do the things we really dream of…

We all don’t have enough: time. money. energy.

Not enough hours on the weekend, on days off. We don’t spend enough time on ourselves. We don’t spend enough time with our partners. We don’t make enough time to connect with friends, to answer their emails and follow up on scheduling time together. The dog feels truly neglected, see how she looks at you? – we could at least brush her more often.

We don’t call ours moms/dads/important loved ones enough.

We honestly don’t really floss enough to say that we floss.

We should really be more organized, more disciplined, more flexible. We should be more involved in our communities/kid’s school/places of worship. We should be more up to date on local politics, and more diligent about researching things like water fluoridation and the Trade Adjustment Assistance Bill. But we really, really need to relax more.

There is always, always, always more.

And I’ve had enough now

Of this made up concept, this ever-changing barometer

Of what it takes –

Realizing we reevaluate every moment

And every moment is a chance to be just as I am

Whole and perfectly enough.


Fellow inspired mom and blogger Sara of The Practical Mystic writes:

“Your work then, is to uncover the real you (the clues are everywhere, always) and be true to her (or him). It’s called integrity. You may know it as being real, having a strong moral compass or being true to yourself. It’s the most important task you are to do here, and your children are here to help you.” (read her wonderful post You Are Enough.)


3 thoughts on “The Myth of Enough

  1. Thank you for this. I can identify 100x over with all of these struggles. Thank you for the reminder that just being me IS enough. Whether I’m doing our not doing, it’s about being in the moment and being kind to myself every step of the way.

    Plus I wish you could see how amazing YOU are in my eyes!


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